Turmeric and Libido: This Aphrodisiac Spice Will Improve Your Sex Life

In today’s stressful era, discovering the time to show appreciation for your special one is often challenging. Day-to-day anxieties, let alone those compounded by the pandemic, can greatly affect our health, libido, and mood. When fronted with modern life that is inexplicably working against us, it can become difficult to hold an emotional and physical affinity with your significant other. Is there any way of altering your outlook, lifestyle, or well-being through turmeric supplements, and is turmeric good for libido?

This article will discover the science behind turmeric, curcumin, and libido.

Turmeric and Libido: How stress reduces your sex drive?

Studies have established decreased functional connectivity and task deactivation in those having lower moods, meaning we are less fertile and less involved under stress.

As many of us know, not only can stress negatively influence our mood, but it can also dissemble our libido (or sex drive). Innately, when you’re stressed or groping negative feelings, you may not want to engage at all sexually. However, this can evolve doubly stress-yielding when you want to, but your stress levels won’t let you act physically.

Stress, lower mood, inflammation, and lifestyle contributors

Lifestyle effects on stress can conflate with reduced libido. Lifestyle factors such as excess adipose tissue (related to body fat), low intake of fruits and vegetables, substance abuse, and no exercise all lead to, individually or collectively, a pro-inflammatory condition and, hence, can result in a poor mood, stress, and less libido. Considerable studies have pinpointed a pro-inflammatory lifestyle induces poor mood.

Remedy for your Libido

Nowadays, we have prescriptions that can acutely boost our sex drive, influence our mood, or lower inflammation (NSAIDs). While these medicines have many years of data supporting their effectiveness, many people prefer not to try a pharmaceutical way and instead wish to try a more natural medicinal alternative to start with. There are also some known restrictions to these medications, which we’ll reach out to momentarily.

While we consider natural options have shown positive changes for some people linked to a turmeric sex drive relationship, we don’t negate pharmaceutical medicine. We’re simply here to make frustrated and stressed individuals aware of a natural option. Should you need medical guidance, we ask you to consult this with your GP.

The turmeric x sex drive relationship

In antique Indian culture, turmeric was long identified as an aphrodisiac. Likewise, turmeric has been used as an anti-inflammatory and mood booster in Ayurvedic therapy. These are optimistic indications that not only could you use turmeric for erection concerns physically, but it could also help with the mental block on physical intimacy due to stress or lower moods.

Is turmeric suitable for the libido?

More studies are required on the detailed results of the turmeric sex drive relationship, but as with multiple natural options, there have been some very positive signals apiece.

The evidence in rodent studies on boosting libido, though, is hopeful. Studies reveal a libido-enhancing effect through two primary avenues:

Turmeric and blood flow

The first mechanism summarized to improve libido was turmeric dosage for erection performance. Curcumin, if you recall, is the bioactive substance in turmeric that has been shown to have many health benefits. By triggering genes that raised nitric oxide levels, water-soluble curcumin extract improved erectile function in rats when dispensed daily for 12 weeks.

A boost in nitric oxide grows vasodilation in arteries. It permits more blood flow to the body regions that are “functioning,” meaning these physical changes could be accomplished via dosages of turmeric for erection performance or virility.

Turmeric and testosterone

The second proposed agent is by supplementing testosterone levels.

Two sets of rats, one with high blood pressure and the other with normal levels, consumed ginger and turmeric. Further analysis showed that a blend of ginger and fresh turmeric lowered blood pressure in the rats where it had earlier been high, improved sperm motility, and notably, improved testosterone levels.

The study revealed some of these health effects to reduce anxiety and stress and boost nitric oxide.

The combination of ginger and turmeric has been reported for its benefits by many. We provide a range of Raw Turmeric Ginger & Bioperine capsules you can shop online today.

Reiterated disclosure of stress can contribute to reductions in our circulating sex hormones which, in turn, may affect our libido rates. One study dined male rats with curcumin or control for two weeks. The rats with chronic stress ministered with curcumin exhibited notable improvements in testosterone levels.

Concurrently, these studies suggest that curcumin can affect stress-linked strategies that lower sex hormones and enhance blood flow to those all-important working “muscles.”


However, sex drive and libido issues aren’t just only to men, though most pharmaceutical products are geared straight towards erectile dysfunction. Around 1 in 3 females go through decreased libido in their life, and 15 percent of menopausal women say a loss of sex drive. Small amounts of testosterone have been led to improve this; yet, these little doses and medicines explicitly designed for women aren’t presently available for women as none have been certified.

Growing pharmaceutical frustration

Leading Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery has reported with frustration that all products are certified for male use only. Any female dosages or medications have to be manually diluted by the prescriber ‘off label.’ Females generally need far weaker amounts of testosterone than men, and the female sex drive doesn’t react to the on-off strategy that famous medications for men assume.

Taking Turmeric for the Female Libido

Nowadays, general products and medicines treat women’s libido as a second thought; many have been frustrated and think there is no aid out there. This is why we believe in safely trying alternatives because you could see some good progress. Of course, we suggest you seek the opinion of a medical expert should you have any worries.

Because curcumin has been shown to increase testosterone levels, this blend may be the natural choice to male-driven medication products. As earlier said, females’ bodies don’t react in the stop-start on-off way that men do to libido enhancers because their hormonal systems are more complicated.

This is why an incremental change or total dosage is often used. For instance, with our Turmeric Ginger and Bioperine, you could foresee the results between 4-8 weeks.


In a strict and controlled study, 56 people with major depressive disorder ministered 500mg twice daily of curcumin or a placebo for 8 weeks. Compared to the placebo, the volunteers treated with curcumin showed a significant time interaction for impacts on mood score dimensions. Because lower moods and reduced sex drive are naturally related, it can be advised that progress in one can positively influence the other.

So, does turmeric increase libido?

Throughout the research, it is concluded that while the existing human evidence encircling the effects of curcumin and libido is opinionated, animal and computerized data provide a vision of the possible means. Numerous studies have shown that curcumin in turmeric has thoroughly improved mental disorders such as depression, lower moods, and stress levels, all leading to a reduced sex drive.

The evidence backs that curcumin and its compounds are favorably promiscuous and could be utilized as an unexplored medicinal help in a multidisciplinary way. You can shop our range of turmeric capsules and gummies online, which are capsulized full of curcumin and absorbency aids to confirm you get all of the bottled goodness.



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