Turmeric Shots: Benefits, Preparation & More!

If you’re the one who is looking for easy but healthy ways to boost your immunity and health, we’re here to give you exactly what you are looking for. Embracing each day with Turmeric Shots is a FOOLPROOF WAY to set you up for a prosperous day. These shots are stomach-friendly, premium, and loaded with a hefty dose of flavor.

The Turmeric shot we’ll prepare includes lemon juice, honey (for immunity), and turmeric root for anti-inflammatory effects and improved digestion. Plus, a pinch of black pepper on the top ensures the absorption of turmeric. Here we’re heading towards the eight most substantial turmeric shots benefits you can expect by adding this healthy ingredient to your diet. Let’s power on!

8 Key Benefits of “Turmeric Shots” You Won’t Miss!

Turmeric shots are the easiest way to add the goodness of turmeric to your diet. Made with fresh organic turmeric root or ground turmeric powder, ground pepper, and honey, this wellness shot is immune boosting and incredibly anti-inflammatory.

What is Turmeric Shot?

Turmeric shot is a small serving drink with turmeric-infused crushed black pepper and honey. Piperine-an alkaloid in black pepper, is said to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric. As per Ayurveda, honey is believed to improve and build vigor and radiance in the body.

Optionally a few drops of high-quality fat are added for better absorption of curcumin. Even more, some lemon, pineapple, ginger, or orange juice can be added as a taste enhancer that further balances out the flavors as well as taste.

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has recognized turmeric promising health benefits. As of now, Western medicine has gotten on board as well, touting curcumin, the bioactive chemical in turmeric that gives it its golden color. Scientists believe that turmeric can help to relieve pain, arthritis, depression & anxiety, among many other benefits.

1/8 Turmeric Shots Are Incredibly Anti-inflammatory

If you’re digging for a healthy mind and body, inflammation is the problem that comes in the way of health. When left disorderly, inflammation can induce a host of bodily discomforts and aches, not to cite infections and illnesses. But now you can say goodbye to feeling bloated and dealing with nausea because this Turmeric Shot will be your new BFF. The benefits of turmeric are ongoing, but we should admit that its anti-inflammatory traits are our favorite. It helps rejuvenate the body and rinse off toxins, helping you feel 100 percent. Anti-inflammatory and nootropic experts like turmeric could virtually influence your physical and mental well-being – it’s worth trying!

Turmeric’s bioactive ingredient – curcumin – inhibits NF-kB, a gene known to build inflammation often linked with many chronic diseases.

2/8 Brain Health Booster

The assumption that your brain stops developing after childhood is a myth. Scientists have now confirmed that, with proper help, you can resume making new neural pathways late into adulthood. This is called neuroplasticity. One of the vital hormones behind this unique bodily function is Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF); turmeric enables your body to build it! The benefits of increased BDNF go well above upgrading the memory. There’s research to offer that it could even help fight age-related brain disorders like dementia.

3/8 Potent Antioxidant

Only antioxidants can save you from harmful free radicals; when your body can’t make enough, a few extra go down a treat! Oxidative stress in the body can increase cancer risk, lower immune abilities, and even yield vision loss. Turmeric’s primary functional ingredient, curcumin, is a powerful natural antioxidant that can help neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body – support your fitness, youthfulness, and longevity.

4/8 Anti Aging

A lot of us wish to turn back the clock. Although there’s no magical ingredient to oust the years off, research shows that turmeric may be capable of declining the speed at which physical aging appears. Turmeric owns this role both as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and also by enhancing natural skin quality. With the mastery to heal wounds, brighten dark circles, and diminish acne scarring all in its arsenal, turmeric can help you look and feel younger for years to come.

5/8 Energy Booster

Drinking turmeric shots on an empty stomach might make you shrink a bit, but the benefits overpower the very distinct aftertaste, trust us. It helps with maximum absorption and guarantees your body is taking in all the essential nutrients it can have. The flavor, experience, and benefits will prepare you for an enthusiastic day. 

6/8 Vitamin C Supplier

Your body needs vitamin C to grow and repair tissues in all parts of your body. A fabulous way to scan this off your list on a daily is by obtaining your support of Vitamin C from a quick and delicious health shot. With 35 percent of your daily required intake, the flavor and benefits of turmeric, honey, and lemon mingled with black pepper (to boost absorption) will motivate you to start each day with a shot. 

7/8 PH  Restorer in your Gut 

Excess consumption of sugar, dairy, and processed foods may cause a pH imbalance in your gut. While it takes a pure diet full of fiber to fix this pH balance, turmeric shots can help in rehabilitation. A random study by the National Library of Medicine revealed how turmeric supplements reduced the acid-producing bacteria in the digestive tract and improved gut microbiota diversity.

The primary component in turmeric, aka curcumin, is a natural antioxidant that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals in the body, keeping you fit and wholesome. 

8/8 Depression & Anxiety Fighter

Curcumin in turmeric also boasts antidepressant features. Research indicates it can improve the concentration of the ‘happy chemicals’ – serotonin and dopamine.

Scientists linked depression to lower levels of BDNF, meaning regular curcumin intake could induce myriad benefits.

Preparation of Turmeric Shots At Home

This preparation is based on Ayurveda and includes three main contents- turmeric, black pepper, and honey. The reason is that Ayurvedic experts suggest using these three ingredients regularly for overall wellness. Regardless you are free to incorporate other elements like ginger, lemon, pineapple, or orange juice to boost the health benefits of these shots.

How to make Turmeric Shots?

You can start with fresh whole turmeric root, which you can buy from grocery stores or specialty markets near you. If you can’t find fresh turmeric, feel free to use ground turmeric (turmeric powder)

 Step 1:

turmeric shots

After washing the root properly:

  1. Scrub it with a soft, bristled brush.
  2. Peel it with the spoon back or a butter knife.
  3. Later slice it with a sharp knife.

It is optional; if you don’t want raw turmeric shots, add these slices to a small pot and bring it to a boil with half a cup of water. Soon the water reduces to half, remove the pot from heat and let it cool.

turmeric shots

After slicing the turmeric, simply add them to a blender with water, and whole black peppercorns, which help enhance curcumin’s absorption. Here you can also add ginger if you like.

Step 2:

Juice the mix slowly with clean water, lemon, or orange juice. 

Step 3: 

Turmeric puree: Make a smooth puree or paste. Once pureed or juiced, strain the puree via a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to juice all the extract.

turmeric shots

Step 4:

turmeric shots

The coarse turmeric puree should not be used. You can utilize it in curries, soups, smoothies, etc.

Step 5                                                       

You’ll need shot glasses for this. Add 1 ½ tbsp lukewarm water and 1 tbsp of liquid turmeric to each shot glass. Mix it well. The temperature of this mix should be lukewarm. Add a pinch of crushed black pepper and a teaspoon of honey. It is ready to serve!

Also, you can pour a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice and a few drops of healthy fats, such as cold-pressed avocado or coconut oil, into this basic turmeric shot. Either you can garnish the top of shots with black pepper powder or a lime slice.

Why should you Make Turmeric Shots at Home?

You can buy turmeric shots at some grocery stores and specialty food markets. Making them in your home gives you the best quality ingredients at the peak of freshness. Beyond that, you can also tailor this combination by adding honey, ginger, and lemon or orange to your wanted taste so that you embrace each morning with a new flavor. Also, you’ll save money by making them at home, as well.

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